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There’s something about Halloween that fires the imagination. Perhaps it’s because the nights are drawing in, perhaps it stems from a desire to keep those hungry trick-or-treaters happy – whatever the reason, there are some fantastically spooky food and drink ideas guaranteed to give you goosebumps. Below are just a few of the Halloween kitchen ideas we’ve come across.

Spider Cupcakes

These creepy little arachnids come courtesy of BrightIdeas.com. With cake mix, dark chocolate frosting and sprinkles, marshmallows, and liquorice laces, all it takes is 20 minutes or so before these delicious cup cakes are ready to leap off the plate.

Gingerbread Mummy Cookies

Back from the dead, the gingerbread man will have his revenge. BettyCrocker.com suggests using white vanilla baking chips to create a mummy-wrapping effect. Place the chips in a re-sealable bag and microwave it until they have melted. By cutting a corner in the bag, you can drizzle the melted chips onto your gingerbread men – giving them that chilling mummified look.

Grape Lemonade Ghost Ice Pops

A simple but very effective way of turning a harmless lollipop into a frightening proposition: all you need is grape juice, fresh lemon juice, sugar, and melon balls with raisins. Thanks to MarthaStewart.com for this one.

Eyeball Highball

Something definitely for the grown-ups this time, and thanks again to MarthaStewart.com for the idea. The eyeballs are made with radishes and pimento-stuffed olives. Peel the radishes, taking care to leave some of the red skin intact – creating an eerie veiny look – and use a melon baller to make a hole in the centre. Halve the pimento-stuffed olives crossways and place them in the hole. Add to an ice tray with water and freeze. Use a combination of vodka (or gin) with vermouth for the highball, and you have a drink that your unsuspecting guests will never forget.

More ideas with MiniFridge.co.uk

We have collected lots more great images and ideas for spooky Halloween treats over at our Pinterest page. Take a look at our Halloween board, or let us know some creepy snack ideas of your own by commenting on this blog post (below). MiniFridge.co.uk is committed to great kitchen ideas and innovative kitchen products. Find out more about our product range here.

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