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Cool Bags

Great for keeping things cool when you’re on the move, our range of 12 volt thermoelectric cooler bags can be charged from your car’s cigarette lighter or from the mains with an adapter.

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Rather than a cool bag which simply keeps cold things cold for as long as possible, these thermoelectric bags actively cool your food and drinks, while being lightweight and adaptable.

These stylish and convenient cool bags are excellent for chilling food and snacks when you’re on the move. Capable of cooling down to 20 degrees below the ambient temperature, they can be charged straight from your car’s cigarette lighter. With a 230 volt AC/DC adapter you can also charge them from the mains. Thanks to their thermoelectric technology, these cool bags also allow you to heat things up if the occasion demands.

With a stylish design, and plenty of pockets and straps, they make an essential addition to any camping trip or picnic.