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You wouldn’t think the words ‘novelty’ and ‘fridge’ fit together, would you? And yet they do in some cases – particularly when you look at our range of mini drinks fridges.

Our Four Litre Novelty Drinks Fridges are flying off the shelves, and when you realise just how much they can offer, it’s not hard to see why.

Not just a novelty

Certainly not – these fridges are highly practical, too. They are incredibly compact, measuring just 280mm by 180mm by 250mm (HxWxD), and that makes them ideal for all kinds of locations. Lots of people use them for drinks cans and cartons, and we won’t tell if you pop some of your favourite chocolate bars in there to keep them cool, either.

With no shelves inside, you get the maximum use out of the available space, If shelves are important to you, don’t worry, we also have the 4L Stainless Steel Black option with a removable Internal Shelf.

The practical nature of these fridges soon becomes apparent when you look at the controls. Not only do you have a socket that enables you to plug it into a normal mains supply, you also have a 12-volt socket to allow you to use it in the car. With a simple AC/DC switch on the back, easy operation is guaranteed. Just use the cigarette lighter socket and you’re good to go.

It’s great for camping trips, long car journeys, and even caravans if you like. Lots of people buy one of these portable drinks fridges for one reason, and end up using them in lots of different ways. You’ll also notice it has a switch to turn it from cold to hot if need be. That means you can keep stuff warm too if you need to.

Where else can you use a 4-litre mini fridge?

We’ve already mentioned how practical these mini fridges are whenever you are on the move or out camping, or something similar. But there are lots of places you can use this fridge without even leaving home. (In fact, once you realise how versatile they are, you might even purchase more than one.)

For instance, maybe you have a home office, and you find it distracting to head to the kitchen for a drink whenever you want one. It would make sense to add a coffee machine in there, so why not add a small novelty fridge as well? You can keep a couple of cool cans or cartons of drink there for whenever you get thirsty, and refill as needed. It would be the ideal way to let you focus on your work without making unnecessary trips to the kitchen all the time.

Another possibility is to put one of these in a bedroom. If you tend to wake up at night, or your bedroom is in a converted attic, your own mini drinks fridge would be a smart investment to make. You won’t want to head downstairs to the kitchen whenever you need a drink, especially not if you do this regularly. Instead, your cool drink will be right there in your room whenever you need it.

The same applies if you have a log cabin – perhaps one you work in, or spend time in for some other reason, perhaps while indulging in a hobby. Just remember to add fresh cans whenever you use the last one, and you’re good to go. What could be better?

Are you stuck for a quirky gift idea?

Trying to buy gifts for other people can be frustrating. Yet while many novelty gifts can be fun for a while before going unused and even being binned, that won’t apply to this one. Treating someone to a novelty portable mini fridge from this range means they’ll be delighted at a gift that is also highly practical.

We already know it can be used in a bedroom, office, or log cabin. You can also use these in a college dorm room, or anywhere else that has a power supply. And what better treat could there be than having your own luxury drinks fridge in your bedroom?

We doubt anyone would be disappointed to receive one of these smart fridges. We do, however, doubt you’ll be able to resist one of these yourself if you are buying for someone else first. Once you see how compact, practical, and fun these fridges are, you’ll be finding lots of places you can put your own. And since it is portable as well, there is no end to the ways you can enjoy using your very own mini fridge.