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5 Unique Promotional Product Ideas for Businesses

There are hundreds of ways you can promote your business. Some, however, are more memorable and unusual than others. Could your business benefit from any of the ideas we’ve highlighted here?

Branded mini fridges

Imagine a mini fridge – practical and useful in so many different circumstances. Now imagine it with your logo or branding added to custom wrapping on the outside. Custom mini fridges are not only unusual, they’re always going to be in use, ensuring everyone is reminded of your brand and your business. You can install them in your offices or customer service areas or gift them to your best clients. Either way your brand is visible and makes a real impact too.

Branded Blimps

Branded Blimps

Everyone has seen blimps – those large balloons that can be seen for miles and spread the word about a particular business. Personalised blimps are a great way to promote your business. You can get both indoor and outdoor ones and they can be branded to include your business logo. You could also use one to promote a sale to ensure you reach as many people as possible. What’s more they can be used time and again.

Branded Rubik’s Cubes

Branded Rubiks Cubes

For something a little different, how about investing in your own version of the Rubik’s Cube? This famous toy from the Eighties is still popular today and with nine sections to each side, there is plenty of room there to promote your brand too. Since no one can resist picking up a cube to play with it, there is no end to the number of situations you can make these available for. Events, the office canteen, customer areas… you name it, they’ll be a great toy to play with that incorporates your brand too.

Branded computer mice

Branded Computer Mice

Most businesses have at least one computer nowadays, and most have many more than that (even where small businesses are concerned). Since the desktops have a computer mouse attached to them, this is a great place to introduce your business brand. There are plenty of computer mice to choose from too – wired ones, wireless ones, flip mice and even ones that come with their own USB hub in a gift set as well.

Branded trolley backpacks

Branded Trolley Backpacks

If you regularly head out to conventions or similar events, you know how important it is to have a bag that will accommodate everything you need to take with you. Furthermore if you know clients who are regularly on the move, treating them to an executive trolley backpack could be the best gift they’ve ever received. While this is a practical and useful item for anyone, it’s also a great way to promote your business. There is a large surface area on which you can add your logo and possibly your business name too. It’s a great way to make sure your brand is seen wherever you or your clients go.

So – which of these products would best fit with your promotional business needs today?