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Fridges for Care Homes

Moving into a care home is a major life event. While we all prefer to live in our own homes, there can come a time when this is no longer possible. In these situations, moving into a care home may be the most reasonable solution.

The good thing about doing this is you get your own room to make your own. Bringing personal items from home certainly helps to ease you into your new surroundings. However, you may find you will enjoy it even more by adding a few other items that could become essentials in your new location.

Why consider getting your own fridge?

Care homes of all descriptions provide communal dining spaces and meals three times a day for their residents. While you don’t have to worry about cooking or shopping anymore, you may still want some control over what you eat and drink.

There is certainly a lot to be said for having your own fridge to store things in. We’re not referring to a full-size fridge of course; you may not have the room anyway. That’s why a mini fridge is such a good idea – and you can fit a lot more in them than you might think, too.

A mini fridge is perfect for storing small snacks and drinks at an appropriate temperature. You might find it is particularly useful during the warmer months, when it’s great to have a small fridge close at hand with some cool drinks inside. Fruit, which can spoil much faster at room temperature, can also be kept in there. Imagine being able to eat fresh cold grapes straight out of the fridge in your room, for example.

Some mini fridges come with a removable shelf and additional storage inside the door too. There’s definitely nothing quite like being able to reach out for a cool drink first thing in the morning, before you even get out of bed. This is what you can look forward to when you have your very own mini fridge to rely on.

Another perk is that you can cater to friends and family when they come to visit. You might like to get some small snacks you can offer them when they come to see you, and a mini fridge can really help in this instance.

Lockable fridges are a great idea

iceQ 17 Litre Black Lockable Mini Fridge

If you are concerned about security, you can always purchase a lockable fridge, such as the iceQ 17 litre small fridge in black. This comes with its own key that you can keep safe, and be reassured that the contents will remain safe even if you are out for the day. They are no more expensive than other small fridges either, so it makes for a good purchase.

All you need to do is to take the key with you on your keychain when you go out, so you know you have it with you at all times.

A variety of sizes are available

iceQ 48 Litre Lockable Table Top Fridge White

While the above example provides you with 17 litres of storage, you can get larger mini fridges if you like. The iceQ 48 litre table-top lockable fridge still provides great security, but it also provides nearly three times the amount of space you’d get from the above model.

This model also benefits from having an ice box, which is convenient if you like some ice with your water or juice during the day. The door has two storage compartments and the main section provides you with the ice box and a shelf, too. Needless to say, this should cater to all your needs and enable you to retain a little independence as well.

Deciding where to put your mini fridge

The location you choose for your mini fridge will depend on the size you want to buy. A small one can indeed be kept right by your bedside, but a larger one would probably require a bigger table elsewhere in your room. Wherever you position it, make sure it is sitting on a sturdy table where there is no danger of it falling off.

If you are struggling to decide what size to get, it can often be better to go for something slightly larger. Once you realise just how convenient it is to have a fridge in your own room, you will think of more things you can store in it. It’s always better to have a little space left in there for other things than to struggle to fit everything in.

All in all, a mini fridge can really enhance your comfort when you move into your own room in a care home. In fact, with fast delivery available from, you can have your fridge delivered as soon as you move in. That would make it easier to get settled in right from the start.