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Glass Door Display Fridges

Most fridges look quite dull, even if the door is finished in a gloss black or white. You never know what’s inside unless you open the door, and that lets out the cold air. Wouldn’t it be easier if the door was made from glass, so you could see what you had in there at a glance?

It’s easy to see how appealing glass door display fridges are, even with that basic example. You want your drinks to stay cool, and standing with the door open trying to work out what you want only means they’ll warm up – especially in hot weather. Furthermore, there are more situations than you might think where glass door display fridges come in very useful indeed.

Perfect for commercial use

Businesses of all kinds might benefit from having this sort of fridge at their disposal. Convenience stores, hotels, small bars and many other businesses could well find plenty of reasons to use one of these fridges. Reception areas, individual hotel rooms and also small corner shops would all benefit from having fridges like these available.

iceQ 49 Litre Drinks Glass Door Fridge Black

If space is limited, the iceQ 49-litre glass door drinks fridge in black would be ideal to take into consideration. The price is much lower than you might expect, and it makes the most of the space available inside too. Would you believe you can store up to 12 bottles of wine in there?

The smaller-sized unit would be good for B&Bs and hotel rooms where the hotelier wants to offer a fridge for drinks. It is an additional service that would no doubt attract many clients to stay there, especially if one or two complimentary drinks were included when the client first arrives. They are then free to use the fridge to store other drinks – not to mention milk – while they are enjoying their stay.

Ideal for your home

If you thought these fridges were only intended for commercial use, think again. If you have a large family and you constantly find yourself running out of fridge space, this larger iceQ model might provide the solution. Drinks bottles and cans will take up lots of space in a normal fridge – space you’d ordinarily need for food items. So why not buy a dedicated drinks fridge instead?

iceQ 93 Litre Under Counter Glass Door Display Fridge

The iceQ 93-litre under counter glass door display fridge offers a huge amount of storage for chilling drinks of all kinds. It has two scalloped shelves at the top for easy bottle storage, and two flat chrome shelves beneath. Finally, the bottom has a shaped wine rack that can accommodate four bottles. As you can see, everyone will have space to store their favourite drinks in this particular fridge.

The under-counter design means it can be slotted in under a worktop if you have the room. It would take the space of a normal 500mm kitchen cabinet. Alternatively, since its top has a pleasing finish, you could simply have it free-standing in the room, perhaps in a corner or other space. It would work well in a log cabin, spare room, utility room, man cave… you name it, there are lots of possibilities that could be made reality with this fridge.

Ideal for displaying cold drinks to customers in restaurants and bars

The appeal of these small-scale glass door units is easy to see when you consider their versatility. The smaller of the two can easily be placed on a countertop, opening the way to display a variety of drinks to customers when placed behind the bar. The same applies if you are looking for a small unit to place on a countertop in a small convenience store or similar location.

The unit can be replenished quickly and easily, and it also allows for potential add-on sales in other locations too. For example, if you want to sell soft drinks and highlight one or two particular brands, these fridges provide the perfect way to do just that.

The appeal of integrated wine racks

While the smaller of the two iceQ fridges does not come with wine racks, the larger one does. Indeed, it benefits from two at the top and one slightly different one at the bottom. When you add in the two shelves to hold cans and smaller bottles, you can see how versatile the unit is in holding a wide variety of drinks.

Whatever type of fridge you want, and whether it is for home or business use, it is easy to see the appeal of choosing one that has a glass door. You don’t need to worry about opening the fridge to see what you have in there, and it could lead to more impulse buys if you purchase it for your business as well. All in all, it makes for a smart purchase, no matter where it ends up.