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Buying Guide

If you are thinking of buying a new fridge there are several areas to consider before parting with your money. We've focused on all these areas below, so you can make the right choice more easily.

Do you need a real fridge or a thermoelectric fridge?

A thermoelectric fridge is not capable of cooling dairy products such as milk and butter and drinks. The cooling system is based on a variable temperature so it is not recommended for meats. If you want a fridge to store meats and other foods then we would recommend a compressor fridge and avoid the thermoelectric ones. Alternatively if you only want to cool certain items of food or drink every now and then, a thermoelectric fridge will fit the bill.

Please note that these smaller 4 and 15 litre mini fridges are not 100% silent and will make a small amount of noise due to the fan. If you are unsure about noise please contact us for advice prior to purchasing.

Do you need a specialist fridge?

This is an important point to note if you want to buy a fridge for a particular purpose. For example wine fridges are designed to keep bottles of white wine at the perfect temperature to preserve the taste.

You can also get drinks fridges ideal for keeping wine, beer and soft drinks nice and cold.

What do you want to store in the fridge?

Some fridges are better for storing food. For instance a table top fridge can be a practical addition to any kitchen, as can a larger under counter fridge . Other thermoelectric fridges are much smaller and only really designed to cool drinks and non perishable goods.

Are you looking for a hotel mini bar fridge?

Regardless of whether you are looking for a supplier for hotel mini bars or you simply want something to install in a guest room (or the main bedroom) at home, it is good to know you can choose a mini bar rather than a fridge. This is ideal for a range of snacks and small drinks.

What capacity do you need?

Our fridges come in all sizes, from those with a 4 litre capacity to those with a 95 litre capacity. Which capacity will suit your needs?

What size fridge do you need?

Always check the measurements before you buy a fridge. If you are buying one to fit in a cupboard, what are the maximum measurements you can accommodate? Bear in mind the fridge may require ventilation around it too.

Noise Levels

If noise is a concern then it is wise to find out how noisy each fridge is before buying it. Some state they run silently but really they will still make a small amount of noise. Others are 100% silent running, such as the iceQ mini bars for example. This is more important if you are looking for a fridge to install in a guest room. It may not matter as much if it is an extra table top fridge for a utility room.