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Mini Bars

Thanks to their silent running operation, our mini bars are perfect for use in hotel rooms, bedrooms and boardrooms. We offer both solid door and glass door mini bars in a range of different sizes.

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Silent Running Mini Bars

A mini bar is an expected norm in most modern hotel rooms, and provides not just convenient refreshments for your guests but also an added income stream for your establishment.

Our mini bar fridges are among the best in the business, and perfectly compliment high-end properties. Crucially, they are completely silent running while switched on ensuring your hotel guests can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without disruption. Of course our mini fridges are not the exclusive reserve of hotels and guest houses they are also a fantastic addition to meeting rooms and board rooms, proving a perfect way in which to break the ice.

While our min bar fridges come in a variety of volumes, even our smallest mini bars are capable of holding plenty of drinks and refreshments. Thanks to exceptional use of space though, our mini bar fridges remain compact - making them a discreet addition to any room.

Solid door hotel mini bar fridges lend themselves perfectly to the theme of discretion, blending in comfortably with a room’s surroundings. Also available though are glass doors, stylishly revealing the contents that lie within to tempt your guests!

Features & Benefits Of Our Mini Bar Fridges

Our stylish mini bar fridges come with a host of other benefits too.

For example, most models in our range feature low energy consumption an environmentally friendly feature which belies the cooling power of our fridges. In this age of environmental awareness, it’s important to show your commitment to reducing energy consumption (particularly as a business) and our mini bars help you do just that.

Our mini bars also come with adjustable thermostats, giving you the power to easily control the temperature and lockable doors to help keep your products safe and secure while the fridge is not in use by hotel guests.