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Portable Fridges for Cars – Fridges with 12v Adapters

Have you ever thought about putting a fridge in your car? It doesn’t sound like the most obvious thing to do, but once you start thinking about it, you might find plenty of reasons why you would benefit from doing this.

We’ve put together some convincing reasons why you could benefit from one of these fridges. We’ve also highlighted some of the best features you can expect to enjoy if you decide to invest in one.

Why should you consider getting a portable fridge for your car?

The first thing to note is how affordable these fridges are. They’re far cheaper than you would expect, and yet they come packed with amazing features. Maybe you think you will only rarely need one on a long journey, and you’re wondering if it would be worth getting one. If so, you’ll be impressed to see it can also be plugged into a normal mains electricity supply. That means you have all the power options you could want. When your fridge isn’t needed on a car journey, it can be put to good use indoors instead – maybe in a home office, or even in a bedroom.

Of course, you might be staying overnight in a hotel if you are on a longer journey. Since not all hotel rooms come with their own fridges, having your own small one for the room would be invaluable in many instances. Just take it out of the car, upstairs to your room, and plug it into the mains with the mains lead. That gives you somewhere to store a pint of milk or some other essentials overnight, before you get back on the road again.

You can also choose from 4-litre models or 15-litre ones. That means you could get a super-compact fridge for a small car, or a larger model that would be ideal for a family trip. If you always go away in the summer, you’ll appreciate having some cold drinks on hand to dive into – especially if it’s hot and you get stuck in traffic. Who wouldn’t want a refreshing cold drink in that situation?

The fridges are also ideal for storing packed lunches during road trips. There is nothing worse than eating warm sandwiches with limp salad inside, is there? Yet with one of these fridges to rely on, you can make your lunches ahead of time, store them in your regular fridge, and simply transfer them to the portable model just before you’re ready to drive off.

User-friendly features that are very practical

Click-locking doors are an essential part of a portable fridge design. After all, you are going to be moving the fridge around, perhaps loading it up indoors before carrying it out to your car. The last thing you want is for the door to swing open and the contents to fall out.

The click-lock door design also means it won’t matter if the fridge is knocked to one side, as it will remain firmly closed. Even something as simple as driving over a bump in the road, or hitting a pothole, could knock a portable fridge door open if it wasn’t designed to be properly and safely secured.

Many portable fridges also have hot and cold settings, so you have an opportunity to keep some items warm instead if you prefer. Perhaps that would be a good bet if you are heading out on a journey and taking some hot food from home to have a warm lunch on the road.

These fridges also typically come with a carry handle. Not just that, the handle is designed to make the fridge comfortable to carry. So, once it is loaded up and ready to take out to the car, you won’t have any struggles getting from A to B. The fridges also include a cooling fan, and while they are not silent they do operate very quietly. So, you won’t be disturbed by any noise from the fan as you drive. Simply plug the fridge into your 12-volt cigarette lighter socket and you are ready to go.

The smaller model doesn’t have a shelf, giving you the maximum amount of space inside. But if you’d like more storage space, the bigger 15-litre model comes with a shelf in the main body of the fridge, and some storage in the door as well. So, all you need to do is to check out the perks offered by each model and then decide which one would serve you and your family’s needs best.

Whichever model you get, you are bound to wonder how you managed without one once you have tried it for yourself. A portable fridge for your car? Whoever thought of such a thing should be congratulated, don’t you think?