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Branded Fridges and Freezers for Commercial Use

We all use fridges and freezers, but when it comes to using them in commercial settings, they’re good for far more than just keeping products cool. We specialise in creating Branded Fridges and Freezers for a wide range of companies, and some of them pop up in situations and locations that may surprise you.

Brand names used in innovative ways

For example, we created branded 24-litre units for Nando’s, so they could promote their sauces to customers. Meanwhile, Ambrosia ordered 36-litre branded freezers to help them promote their new range of frozen custard. The eye-catching design pulls in customers who might otherwise have walked past the freezer without looking at the contents. Another example is the WOW Protein 24-litre fridge, designed for use in gyms to sell their product.

But these branded fridges and freezers don’t just work well in shops and other commercial settings. They also work well when used in other locations. Take the 49-litre fridge we designed for Ladbrokes to be used in their corporate suites at race courses. Not the location you would expect, but ideal as a way of promoting their brand. The same applies to the 100% CANNA iceQ personalised fridges we created for use in their offices. It is easy to see why these fridges look so much better than standard ones.

How can branding be put to good use on fridges and freezers?

Nandos Branded 24 Litre Mini Bar

The branding can be done on the doors as well as on the body of the fridge or freezer. A fridge with a glass door still offers a view inside even when the branding has been added – a logo, perhaps, or another image or message.

Meanwhile, the sides of the fridge or freezer – and even the top, if it will be visible – can be fully branded to promote the company. It certainly beats having a standard fridge no one will notice. Whichever way someone approaches the fridge or freezer, they will see the branding and message presented to them, and perhaps make a stop or a purchase when they wouldn’t otherwise have done so.

Brand all kinds of fridges and freezers

Sometimes, you may want a large fridge or freezer capable of holding drinks or other items for sale in a visible location. We have units in many different sizes from 15 litres up to 95 litres, so you’re sure to find the appropriate size for your needs.

Furthermore, most sizes can be chosen with either a solid door or a glass door. If you want to make sure your product is front and centre and easy to see inside the unit, go for the glass door. Conversely, if you need the maximum space for a promotional message or branding, a solid door might work better. It all depends what you have in mind, and what the products you are promoting look like.

An unusual form of advertising?

Ambrosia Branded 36 Litre Freezer

Not really, since fridges and freezers like these have been used in many scenarios and situations for a long time now. We offer you the chance to invest in one or more fridges or freezers for use in offices, workplaces, shops, restaurants, corporate suites… you name it, you can probably use one there. As a point-of-sale tool, it is hard to beat this as a great way to alert customers to new cool or frozen products.

But size doesn’t always matter. We’ve mentioned the larger fridges and freezers in our collection, but you could also go for the 4-litre solid door mini fridge from the iceQ range at the smallest end of the collection. This can be personalised, branded, and given as a gift to members of staff or even your best clients. For an unusual gift, you can’t do much better than this – especially since it still helps you get your branding message out there.

You’ll usually benefit from discounted prices the more you order, too. Prices depend on whether you want to have a door wrap only, or a three-sided wrap, or a full wrap, which includes the door. With options like these available, you can see how easy it is to get your message out in a truly innovative way.

How can your business benefit from using branded fridges and freezers?

You can see there are lots of options available here. You may have something specific in mind to promote a new product, or you want a timeless design that simply uses your brand logo. We can also provide an artworking service if required, so even if you don’t have any artwork ready to go, you can take delivery of your fridges and/or freezers sooner than you would think.

More companies are starting to realise the benefits of Branded Fridges and Freezers. Will you benefit from ordering some soon as well?

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