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It may still seem as though it is months away, and technically it is, but once the summer holidays are over, Christmas starts looking a lot closer. Maybe you’re not ready to start buying gifts yet, but it is never too early to look for gift ideas.

And that is definitely a good idea when you have youngsters to think about. Is it just us, or is this the hardest group to find gifts for? Sometimes, it helps to think outside the box, and that’s what we’re going to do here. Instead of thinking about games, toys, and gadgets, why not go for something completely different?

It’s getting cold in here…

Forgive us that tenuous festive link to a certain popular Christmas song, because we’ve got an unusual gift idea here you may never have thought of before.

When kids get older, they sometimes retreat to their rooms more. Sometimes, it might seem as if you don’t see them for ages. Either that, or they’re entertaining friends when they come around.

Either way, a mini fridge would undoubtedly be a welcome addition to any bedroom. Now, we know what you’re thinking – a fridge must be expensive, yes? Well, it can be, but not if you choose one from the impressive iceQ range. These are specifically designed to appeal to youngsters, and the 4-litre size is ideal for a compact space in a bedroom. You’ll like our prices, too, not to mention the range of colours you can choose from.

Go bold with a splash of pink for a girl’s room, or get a cool blue fridge for a boy’s room. Then you have red and black versions, and ones with windows in the doors, too. The iceQ 4 Litre Mini Fridge in Black is ideal for keeping a few cans or cartons of drink handy – or perhaps the odd sneaky bar of chocolate.

You can also get larger versions that are still ideal for a bedroom. The 15-litre deluxe model is portable and available in several colours, including blue. This has a small internal shelf and space in the door to store a few bottles, too. This would be ideal for a dorm room, if you know someone who is heading off to university soon.

Stocking filler time

Personalised Pink Butterfly Jar of Sweets

You’ll probably be shopping for a main gift for most of the people on your list this year, kids included. However, a few stocking fillers are a great idea, too. We have some superb suggestions to get you started.

For example, do you know any kids who don’t like a few sweet treats every now and then? This Personalised Pink Butterfly Jar of Sweets is ideal for any young girl, with a delightful design on the exterior of the jar, featuring their name. An assortment of popular sweets is inside, and the jar can of course be reused as well. Not only that, the jar’s label will also have room for two lines of text if you want to include a festive message for the recipient. What will you say to them?

If you are shopping for a boy, you might have a practical gift in mind. This Space Clock would look superb in any boy’s bedroom. It’s finished with blue numbers, a rocket ship, and a planet featuring the name of the recipient. It also has hour, minute, and second hands, making it easy for them to tell the time. Buy this, and you’ll be sure to rocket into their good books this Christmas!

Personalised ideas that will become treasured possessions

The Night Before Christmas Book

You probably know the story of the night before Christmas. You can now treat a young one to the story that features their name inside, too. Available in softback or hardback, The Night Before Christmas is presented in A4 and includes detailed illustrations inside. The child’s name will be in the book as well as on the cover, and it is sure to be a treasured item this Christmas. Who wouldn’t want their name to appear inside this charming book?

Plenty of time to order gifts for Christmas delivery

Plenty of people leave their Christmas shopping until the last minute. Only trouble with that is it could mean deliveries are delayed and they may not even arrive in time. Even if they do, who needs all that stress and hassle? If you start planning now, you could spread the cost of your purchases by placing a few orders each month between now and Christmas. This also means you’re far less likely to run into issues with items being out of stock.

So, prepare to buy the best gifts for youngsters this Christmas, for their bedrooms, their bookshelves, and their walls. Where will you begin, and which gifts will make it onto your list of things to buy in 2017?