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Fridges for Restaurants

We’re all used to the idea of fridges, but if you’re a restaurant owner you’ll know they are a vital part of making sure your restaurant runs smoothly. While you will need a large fridge you can rely on to keep food cool before it is prepared and served to customers, there are other options to consider too.

For example, have you ever considered adding one or more display fridges to your restaurant? They can be ideal for a number of reasons – more so than you might think.

Glass doors make for easy viewing of the contents

Most standard fridges have closed doors, meaning you have to open them to see what is inside. However, you can get compact fridges that have glass doors instead.

These make it easy to see what is inside without needing to open the door. As you will soon see, this is ideal for boosting sales in the restaurant business. You can ensure your customers see the contents while keeping them cool at all times.

They’re ideal for both counter top and under-counter positions

Different fridge designs can be slotted underneath counter tops as well as being positioned on top of them. Your restaurant could accommodate one or other of these, or possibly even both.

Either way, you have a chance to display goods that should ideally be kept cold, while still making sure your customers can see them. Counter top designs are perfect to keep by the till, or in some other prominent position. Under-counter fridges are ideal if you want them behind the bar, or in another area where staff serve customers directly.

They can entice people to make impulse purchases

iceQ 93 Litre Under Counter Glass Door Display Fridge

A display fridge could actually add to your profits if you use it wisely. Some are made to display drinks, while others are designed to display other items as well. Ice creams and other food items such as chocolate bars are good examples of this.

But whichever of these items you decide to stock in your mini fridge, you may well find you can notch up some more sales as a result of investing in it. People may come to the counter to pay their bill, for example, and pick up a chocolate bar for the road home, or for their child. They may do the same if presented with an array of drinks.

Different designs to consider

Your needs will depend on the size of your restaurant, the type of food and drink you sell and the space you have available.

The first great example to share with you is the iceQ 93-litre under-counter glass door display fridge. It’s perfect for storing up to 12 large wine bottles, or for using as mixed storage. With five chrome shelves that can all easily be removed for cleaning and adjustable storage needs, it’s easy to see how this fridge would be ideal for your business, whatever type of restaurant you have.

Of course, it could be that you don’t have room for something of that size. If so, perhaps the iceQ 49-litre drinks glass door fridge would be a better option. Finished in black for a sleek and professional look, this model has two removable shelves made from steel, but it can still hold up to around 40 cans of drink. Alternatively, it provides enough storage for a dozen bottles of wine. It means you can have easy access to some of your best sellers to provide your customers with a fast and effective service at all times.

iceQ 36 Litre Counter Top Glass Door Display Mini Freezer

Finally, how about considering a display mini freezer for your countertop? This is good for impulse buys of ice cream and similar items. The iceQ 36-litre counter top glass door display mini freezer is small enough to sit by the till, and is sure to tempt people with its contents as they settle their bill. If a customer hasn’t bought dessert to eat at the restaurant, you still have a chance to tempt them into buying something to take home with them. This then gives you a further chance to add to your profits when you’ve missed out on a previous dessert sale.

It has one shelf in the middle – again, easy to wipe clean – and the reversible door makes it ideal for positioning in many different places according to your needs.

Which fridge or freezer would be right for your restaurant?

This is the question only you can ask. If you focus on providing a small range of cooled or frozen goods for takeaway purchases, you might be surprised at the number of sales you make that would otherwise have gone to rival sources. It’s best to maximise your profits where you can, and one of these mini fridges could soon pay for itself several times over. Why not consider investing in one for your restaurant today?