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Great Reasons to Invest in a Mini Ice Cream Display Freezer

If you own a small corner shop or similar outlet, you probably don’t have too much space to work with. This makes it all the more important to utilise whatever space you do have. After all, you don’t want the shop to feel crowded, but every inch of space should be used where possible to make sure you can get the best profits.

In the summer months, selling ice cream is a great idea. This is the type of product people pick up as an impulse buy, too, especially when the temperature soars. That’s why a mini ice cream display freezer makes a lot of sense. In reality, it could pay for itself in a relatively short length of time.

How small is small – and is it really practical?

They say size matters, and when you don’t have much space to work with in the first place, you might wonder whether you have room for any type of freezer.

However, the iceQ 36-litre counter-top mini freezer provides the ideal solution. You don’t need to find any floor space to accommodate it, and since it sits on the counter, everyone will see it when they come in to pay for other goods.

The freezer is just 500mm deep and 440mm wide, so you can find a convenient space for it without it getting in the way. It also benefits from a four-layer glass door, ensuring everything stays cool and people can see what’s inside without having to open the door. This is ideal in very warm weather, when you want to keep the contents cool until someone buys something. The freezer can reach lows of -15 degrees Celsius.

The design will also fit in seamlessly with any other shop fittings you already have. The clear glass is easy to keep clean, and the surround benefits from a black glossy finish, contrasting starkly with whatever you want to store inside it. What better way could there be to catch the eye of your customer and draw it to the mouth-watering contents you have for them?

Ideal for small shops and spaces

Maybe you don’t have room for conventional freezers, but you’d like to take advantage of the warm weather to make further sales of ice creams and lollies. Since ice cream doesn’t sell as well during the colder months, it may not make financial sense to invest in a large floor-standing freezer that takes up valuable selling space throughout the year.

The iceQ counter-top mini freezer offers a versatile alternative. You can even get it out on the counter-top during the summer months and put it away again when winter comes, if you so desire. This would then free up that space to promote other seasonal goods if you like. Its compact nature makes this a distinct possibility, so you can see that storage isn’t an issue.

The freezer also has two sections inside, thanks to the addition of a shelf midway down the interior. This means you can fit in small tubs of ice cream, individual ice creams and lollies, depending on your needs and on what your customers might frequently buy. It’s easy to top up from another freezer kept elsewhere if you have space for one in staff-only areas.

Promote specific brands and special offers

Many sellers and shop owners have access to special offers and deals when they visit the wholesaler. You don’t have to buy in bulk since you can get just enough to fill the freezer, together with some overstock. It also means you can get small amounts of certain goods to see how well they sell before investing in more.

This freezer is also great for promoting specific brands. Do you want to promote one particular brand that is new to the marketplace, or perhaps offers something different to the normal ice creams and lollies out there? This is just the freezer you need to help make that happen. And of course, since it will be sitting right there on the countertop when people come to the till, there is every chance to add those impulse buys onto the sales you make.

As you can see, this sort of freezer is very different from anything you may have seen before. With traditional freezers, even the smallest ones have a large footprint to consider. They are either long and have raised lids that mean you cannot make the most of the wall space, or they are tall and may not fit in the space you have.

So it really does make sense to consider how a small countertop freezer like this one could change the way you do business. You never know, your sales could receive a nice boost when people have the urge to eat ice cream this year.