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After a pleasurable break over the holidays spending time at home or visiting family and friends, going back to the office can be a dispiriting experience, particularly if your workspace leaves a lot to be desired in terms of design and usability. It’s certainly the case that many of us spend large portions of our lives in the kind of environment we would never choose for ourselves. We spend thousands of pounds and untold hours making sure that our homes are exactly as we would like them, but when it comes to our working environment we tend to put up with whatever we’re given. Cramped spaces, ugly furniture, and amenities which lack convenience are all conditions that many of us are used to in our working lives. With this in mind, we have found some neat adjustments and additions that can make your workspace a much nicer place to spend time in.

Are you sitting comfortably?

If you haven’t already got one, it is definitely worth considering getting an ergonomic chair, one which provides adequate support through the backrest and armrest and allow you to slide your legs under the desk. It seems like an obvious thing, but when you consider how much time is spent sitting at your desk, getting the right chair for your body can make a huge difference to your working life.

messy desk

A tidy desk leads to a tidy mind

Making sure that your workspace is clear of as many wires, papers, coasters and whatever else you don’t need most of the time, will help to give you a clearer mind and a better sense of perspective. Arriving at work each morning to pile of junk can be de-motivating. Clear your desk at the end of each day and begin each morning with a clean slate.



Give yourself something to look forward to

Add whatever you need to your office space to make you feel relaxed. When the work is piling up, it can really help to know that you have got something nearby to help you chill out. Naturally, our recommendation is a small fridge. Having a neat little drinks fridge, for your own personal use, can make spending time at your desk that little bit more like home. Plenty of nicely designed table top fridges are available, which makes it possible for you to find something that goes with the overall look and feel of your workspace.

Fewer shades of grey

You don’t have to be surrounded by the standard drab colour schemes typical of most offices. Add a bit of colour to your working life. It could be a photo, painting or poster, anything so long as you like it, and it can help you to relax from time to time.

Hopefully, one or all of these ideas will help to improve your working conditions, and may even increase productivity! If you have any other suggestions for improving workspaces, or making the office a nicer place to spend time in, be sure to let us know, we’re always keen to hear of any new ideas.


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