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The mini fridge is a wonderful invention: small, handy, perfectly formed and, when it comes to keeping drinks cool, extremely effective. At we’ve always known this, of course. You don’t need to tell us how good looking our mini fridges are, how simple to use, how good at keeping things chilled, we know! We’ve always known. And now, thanks in no more small measure the mini fridges’ innate ability to communicate their wonderfulness, other people are starting to know too. Take a look at this young man; see how much he loves his mini fridge…

As the man says, leave a message on the Student Pocket Guide’s YouTube page, and you too can learn just how fabulous it is to possess a mini fridge. Incidentally, if you do happen to be a student, The Student Pocket Guide also has some excellent advice on all items essential for living in student accommodation, and yes: a mini fridge is one of them!

What the Experts Have to Say

But it isn’t only students who can benefit from having a compact cooler to hand. Anyone with a desk, a plug socket and a sense of taste has something to gain from having a mini fridge at their elbow, ready with pleasantly chilled refreshment whenever they need it. We asked Gadget Helpline, experts on all things gadget, what they thought of our mini fridge, and here are a few of the things they had to say:

‘we’ve had a ball testing out the features of the funky mini cooler’

‘The fridge is made out of a tough, glossy finished plastic and fits nicely under a desk, in the front room or it could be the perfect addition to a camper van.’

‘We loved using the Mobicool F16 and it has now become as much a part of our work desk as the PC monitor and our coffee cup.’

If the discerning customers at Gadget Helpline regard their mini fridge as being as important to them as their PC – or their coffee cup!!! – they really must recognise the genius that is a mini fridge. You can read the full article over at Gadget Helpline’s website.

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