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New – iceQ 15 Litre Mini Fridges

People choose mini fridges for all kinds of reasons, but it’s common to want some style and appeal as well as practical features.

That’s why we’re delighted to welcome the iceQ – a smart and spacious 15-litre deluxe portable mini fridge that is designed to exacting requirements. We’ve got two versions of it available as well, ensuring you’ll find the ideal one for your needs.

Ice in white!

If you love the appeal of a mini fridge in cool white, the iceQ is available to buy in this finish. It’s ready to plug into a UK mains socket so you can buy it for the home or office, or any other room you’d like a small fridge for.

New iceQ 15 Litre Mini Fridge In White

You can even use it when you’re on the move, since it has the ability to be plugged into a standard 12-volt cigarette lighter in your car. It’s incredibly quiet and features the classic pull-handle to open and close it, along with the iceQ logo on the bottom right corner.

Cool in silver

Maybe you like the mini fridge but you’d rather opt for a silver finish. You’re in luck – we’ve got the iceQ 15 litre deluxe fridge in silver too. This is equally as stylish as its counterpart in the white finish, and it’s got the same A energy rating too. This means you’ll find it incredibly cheap to run even if you use it most of the time.

Why buy one of these superb little mini fridges?

There are all kinds of reasons why people buy the iceQ fridges. They’re exceptionally quiet to run, which means they’re ideal for all kinds of locations. You’ll hardly notice it in the car for example, while you can have one in a guest room and not worry about keeping the guests awake with it all night!

Why Buy A Mini Fridge

Unbelievably it weighs a mere 5.9kg, making it nice and easy to move from one place to another whenever required. It even comes with a single removable shelf, so whatever you intend to use it for you’ll be able to make the most of every inch of its interior. Add this to the two removable shelves in the door as well and you can see how practical it is. And if you’ve already decided you’d like to buy one (or more) you won’t have to wait long to get it. We’re providing next day delivery on this great item so you could be unpacking it and stocking it up with items tomorrow.

It just goes to show you can have the stylish finish you want from a mini fridge and still enjoy a practical item that delivers on its promises. Maybe you’re looking for somewhere to keep a cool stash of beer. Perhaps you simply want a nice little fridge to keep cans and even fresh items cool while you’re away from home. Whatever you’re after, the iceQ 15 litre deluxe mini fridge provides you with great looks, superb pricing and so many practical uses.